blender price

Technology has reduced troubles of your life. Now we free to experience newer stuff. A blender is that type of appliance without which our kitchen can be a mess. And what blender price would be satisfactory?


There are essentially two types of blenders, hand blender, and the jar. It depends on you mostly whichever will suit you. You can any of these. If you want more control, you better choose a hand controlled blender. Most jar blenders come as a combo of juicer cum blender, to save you some cash on your appliances.


If you search online, you will find options starting from 10$ to 1000$ more or less. So how to choose which one will be best for you? Our research suggests you should find a strong, durable blender within the range of 50$-100$. There are a few points you might need to note before choosing one for you.


How many options does it have? Only blender? Or a combo of Juicer, Mixer, and Grinder as well?


How much power (e.g. 500w, 700w etc.) does it need?


What is the main motor body made of? Stronger bodies last longer.


Can it be used as a countertop appliance?


What is the jar capacity? Blending large amount at a time will always save you some time.


How can it be cleaned? As food fibers stick to the corners, it is best to buy one with bottom removal options.


Can you control the power or speed? In case you need half crush something, lower power option comes useful.


Is it noisy? Some blender will give you a headache in 5 minutes with their loud sounds.


Make a list of all available options and choose whichever best suits. Here you will get blenders which will cover all the mentioned points and that is too at an affordable price.